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Standardbreds find new careers in Florida!

Upper Freehold, NJ
June 2021

Two hopeful Standardbred horses found a new job in Florida!
Sergeant Javiar “Javi” De la Paz was looking for horses to fill the roll of a new Mounted Patrol unit for the City of Doral. When he mentioned the request to his brother, farrier Joe De la Paz in NJ, the first thought that came to mind along with the help of Amy and Stacy Butewicz was the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF).
Stacy quickly set up an appointment with Nicolette at the standardbred facility and had two horses to look at. The first was Rodney’s Hot Again “Hottie” – a pacing gelding and the second was Cheyenne Hold Em, “Cash” another pacing gelding. Both were perfect in their own way and Javi gave the green light on them immediately after seeing photos and video. The horses arrived in Florida in July where they will start their training to become “Officer Cash” and “Officer Hottie” for the up-and-coming police unit. The program, in its beginning phases, is being sponsored by Ocean Automotive Group/Ocean Mazda in Doral, FL.
We look forward to the progress of all that is to come! Thank you to the Standarbred Retirement Foundation for having these amazing horses available!

To learn more about the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, please visit:

Rodneys Hot Again

It was an instant “thumbs up” for “Cash”!

“Cash” getting his new shoes before shipping to Florida!

Sergeant Javiar De la Paz receiving “Cash” in Florida!