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Kelly Bailey, Farm Owner

I’ve had the honor to have Stacy and Amy handle not One but a total of FOUR sales for us in less than FOUR Years!

I met Stacy on social media and quickly began watching her sales and was impressed at how fast she could sell a horse farm. When the time came for us to sell our first farm in Vernon NJ Stacy went above and beyond! She was professional and diligent! It was not an easy sell but she kept on pushing it through to get it to the table!

Shortly after she close on that Farm she take my husband and I to the closing table for our first starter home! Stacy explained how the process worked as we were first time home buyers! Her and Amy were always a phone call or a text away for us!

We just wrapped up our fourth sale as Stacy just once again closed on the home that just two years ago she was writing a contract up and sending it to the attorneys!

It’s always a pleasure and they always go above and beyond to the get to the table! They always guide their clients the right way!