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Helen Joy, Farm Owner

I stumbled across this bright, articulate and sweet young woman (thru Zillow) when I was disappointed with slow information on homes to purchase that I was getting from another realtor, whom I was thinking of listing my home with. I contacted Stacy who was the listing realtor for a property that went pending sale while waiting for the ‘other’ realtor to book time to take me to see the property. Well, although the property in question was definetely no longer available, Stacy offered me more information and assistance in the first 5 minutes of our initial conversation than the ‘other’ realtor did in 3 meetings together face-to-face. I immediately knew she was the “One to work with”!!! I bought a new home and sold my existing home with her, all within a 90day period. I could go on and on, but I think it’s apparent she is Five Star all the way.